Asian Cooking With Kids

From AUD $69.00
  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Richmond, Victoria
If your child loves to eat and have fun, you want them enrolled in our kid cooking classes. More important than having fun, your child will begin to learn fresh and healthy alternative to foods. We use all natural and healthy ingredients in every dish. Our menus are designed to introduce your child to some of their new favourite meals together with their loved parents and families. Our Kid Cooking Classes are fun and educational - parents, guardians and grand parents can join the class. Your experience would be different with your kids and having some fun cooking with them. If you feel your kids and teens are more advance in cooking, please book a private class from our range of master classes.


  • The lifelong benefits of cooking with children and you  may create a future home chef
  • Kids and Family can cook together and fully benefits of cooking
  • Edible crafts with fresh ingredients and explore their food options.


  • This hands on kid cooking class experience lasts for 2 hours
  • Enjoy a complimentary refresher drink on arrival 
  • Teacher demonstration and kid preparing Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese dishes 
  • Kids and parents will cook the foods together.
  • Sit and eat together at the end with glass of sparkling wines for adult or refresher for kids



Jan, May, Sep 

Thai Corn Fritters - GF

Glass Noodle Salad - GF

Sticky Rice Pudding - GF


Feb, Jun, Oct 

Sushi salmon, avocado, cucumber, capsicum or vegetarian - GF

Japanese pancake 

Dango - Moon Viewing Party - GF


Mar, Jul, Nov 

Rice Paper Rolls with dipping sauce - GF

Vietnamese Pancake with prawn or vegetarian - GF

Cream Caramel - GF


Apri, Aug, Dec 

Steamed Chicken Wontons and Dumplings

Spring rolls pork or vegetarian

Complimentary Exotic Fruits

GF means Gluten Free, most classes are dairy free. We cater for vegetarian or vegan with substitute of meats to tofu, mushroom, mung beans. No nuts of any kind in our kid menu. 


Great Hands On Family Friendly by Sazzle Daisy

On July 7th my two children (age 8 & 9) and I spent a lovely afternoon learning the basics of Vietnamese cooking with Ha. We made simple but delicious chicken dumplings, rice paper rolls and sesame sweet rice dough balls. Ha also introduced us to a range of Vietnamese herbs, seasonings and fruits. Ha is clearly very passionate about sharing his craft and nurturing a love of cooking in children. Parking was free and easy directly in front of the shop (beware of the clearway times though), allow extra time to get there though because Google maps has clearly never travelled along Punt or Victoria St!

I really enjoyed being able to share this hands on experience with my children. And whilst I felt that the cooking skills taught were perhaps a little too basic they described it as "EPIC" and frankly, they're the ones who count! Highly recommend :)

Best Kid Party by Linda W

I would highly recommend Otao Kitchen cooking class. Ha is a lovely friendly chef and his cooking class was very enjoyable for our kids. The mothers dropped off the kids and I was only one who stay. From there the kids made different dumplings with meats, vegetables and spices.

The kids love their own creations. I Would highly recommend Otao for kid party. No clean up and great fun too. 


Using our natural fresh ingredient method we have coined the phrase “I Tried and I Liked It”. We found that when kids are involved in the preparation of their own meal, they will try and like foods they would not have otherwise given a chance.​ 

Children and their parents can learn in a range of classes from sushi classes to dumplings. Children’s baking classes are taught by expert chefs with experience in child friendly settings so that your children are helped to become mini cooks.

If cooking and eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures, teach them young. There’s so much to learn through cooking skills which goes way beyond the aesthetic value of food. Measuring, weighing, estimating, guesstimating, socialising, learning about tastes, textures; the list goes on.

Whatever the case,  with expertise in cooking on family food programmes, we have seen and helped hundreds of families become better at teaching food at home. Our chef has working with children check.


We run a public class of 12 people during the school holiday for kids and their family so you might want to book in advance. If you are to organise kid birthday party, family cooking and celebration. You can book a class on Sunday afternoon 2-4pm. 


If you plan for kid activities at their school. We can organise a perfect 1-1.5 hours class for the kids 6-12 years old. You can pick one of the menu below. Our cooking teacher will come with all tools and ingredients for a hands on cooking class from $69 per person for 2 hour cooking class minimum 12 people.  

Please ensure that you have a kitchen set up with plenty of working space, seatings, running water and cooking stove or we can get it hired for your event. Everyone will help to prepare and we will demonstrate the cooking steps. 

To lessen the works for the organiser, we can set up a private class and collect the payment on your perhaps. 


Melbourne School Excursions with Asian Food Tour allows your students to gain a better understanding of the multicultural foods and food preparation itself in Melbourne. What better way to inspire your school group to embark upon a career in the food industry than by experiencing exciting world foods in their natural setting, learn how they are made and of course embarking on the taste test. In our food tours, Otao Kitchen can even offer the opportunity for your students to learn how to cook the local food. Call Chef Ha Nguyen 0408 217 899 or email us